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We at KonbuDoi believe that it is our mission to protect and develop the traditional food culture of Osaka and pass this real food on to future generations.

Since our founding in 1903, we have tried to create foods reflecting the needs of consumers – such as convenient foods that go with the times – while respecting traditions.
It is thanks to farmers and fishermen who deliver the raw materials that we can enjoy such delicious foods.

For over twenty years, we have made an annual visit to Kakkumi-hama, Hokkaido, the highest quality production area of MaKonbu (Laminaria Japonica), maintaining contacts with the local fishermen and elementary school children there. And since 2004, we have been boarding a boat in the peak season every summer to assist in kelp harvesting.

Based on this trusting relationship, we would like to continue to work to improve product quality and the environment of the fishing grounds. In addition, we create our products by carefully selecting every last piece of kelp, while compensating competent fishermen who harvest the excellent kelp.

In processing kelp, we use only traditional seasonings and do not use any additives or flavor enhancers, including those exempted from labeling such as processing aids and carry-over of food additives.

We are happy if you choose your foods, not for their artificial flavors, but based on your instinct in realizing that “what is needed by the body tastes delicious.” Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more details on the ingredients.


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